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About Us

About Us

All carpets are handwoven, certified and guaranteed. The general feature of our goods is that they multiply their prices over the years.Our goal is to provide our customers with quality service and make them happy as always.In the e-commerce sector we entered due to the pandemic, we will try to satisfy etsy customers by selling at prices close to wholesale prices.Stay tuned for discounts and updates, and do not hesitate to contact us for further questions.

What Are We Doing?

Carpet Production

We produce carpets with completely old method. We produce carpets with completeyl old ...

Physical Shop

We serve our customers at our real location addresses.

Allergy Friendly

Opportunity to collect fluff on our carpet at every step of our little friends.

Natura Friendly

We have products that are carefully prepared without the use of completely harmful ...

Buy Online

You can create your order immediately by contacting ETSY and us in a completely reliabla ...

Careful Packaging

We guarantee that the product that comes to you will come with care without any problems.

Featured Products

Vintage Carpet Handmade 5'9'' x 4'7''
Vintage Carpet Handmade 9'11'' x 2'5'
Vintage Carpet Handmade 9'2'' x 2'7''
Vintage Carpet Handmade 6'10'' x 4'7 ''

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